Me myself and I: My trip to the agriculture museum

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago I went to the ice cream festival with my mom at the agriculture museum. I had two different kinds of ice cream: custard, (egg ice cream) and goat milk ice cream. Both were surprisingly good, although the weird thing is that the whole time we were there, I never had any normal ice cream! 

One of the places we went was the dairy cow barn. (sorry, Sarah) My mom came up with this great idea to find cows that had the same names as my friends or various celebrities. I took pictures of the cows. I can’t find the wire that connects the camera to the computer – but that doesn’t stop me from telling you all about the people I found! I found Pippa Middleton, Bella from Twilight, Twilight, my friend Catherine, and Hermione Granger! Of course I find this down right hilarious and I’m still laughing my head off in all my evilness… Because I’m weird like that. but these cows are what these people are named after!!! *sarcasm* Mwahahaaaa!!!

The agriculture museum is awesome. You should totally check it out! And if for you’re in Guides, you can earn the farming badge! 




Hello, Weird World: Publicity and ~ yawn ~ Boredom

Hey weirdoes and weirdettes of this very weird world!
At the moment we barely have any viewers. We want to make this website popular with all our friends and family members. So tell all your friends about this website. We need publicity – so we can say; “Hello, Weird World!” with our new website.

Anyways, when I’m just sitting bored at my computer, and I’m so, so bored, I can’t resist posting on LLW. There’s been a post from pretty much everyday – unlike some websites, who only post once a month. I used to have another website, but I had to delete it because you had to pay for that specific website-making-websites. Now, I want to make this one the biggest and best website with the help of TaffyTiffy and all our friends and family members.

I’m dead bored right now ~~ I’m going swimming at a family friends’ pool soon and I’m totally psyched. It’s a saltwater pool. Did you know that salt water cleans stains, and heals various boo-boos? I didn’t… Until now, actually. So I’m all changed, swimshirt, swimsuit and shorts, waiting for my dear mother to announce: “Are you ready, S?” When the time comes. All morning I’ve been reading. From 6am to 11am, I’d been reading the book; “The Vanishing Game.” It’s addicting. Every chapter leaves me hanging off a cliff. Cliff-hanger. My friend had been saying the word a whole lot lately – I’m not even sure if it’s even an official word. Weird, weird, words… How weird can they be? Anyways, this post has no subject whatsoever. I’m just playing around on the computer, on our good website here. But I’m trying (and struggling) to make this as weird as I can – because not many people enjoy reading about peoples’ lives. So let’s sum this boooring post up with some weird facts:

– Everyday at leat 20 banks are robbed. $2,500 on average taken.

– Out of 230, at least 1 car was stolen last year.

– A violin contains 70 different pieces of wood!

– Forest fires move faster going uphill compared to going downhill.

– Most lipstick contains fish scales!



Strange Quotes

The world is a funny paper read backwards. And that way it isn’t so funny. – Tennessee Williams

Whatever is beautiful is beautiful by nescessity. – Pindar

We don’t strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, nor swim in the ocean and drown in a puddle. – Taylor Caldwell

Two babies were born on the same day at the same hospital. They lay there and looked at each other. Their family came and took them away. Eighty years later, by bizarre coincidence, they lay in the same hospital, on their death beds, next to each other. One of them looked at the other and said; “So, what did you think?” – Steven Wright



Weirdly Mistaken in Class – GIRLS ONLY!!!!!

Hi classies!

Ever feel like nobody notices you in your class or camp? Does your soccer coach mistake you for his daughter? Do you want to be noticed? Think about those three important questions. Whether you go to dance, basketball, or gymnastics, this post will explain how to be noticed and unique during a weekly class.

1. Are you a sportie? Sporties usually have jersies, team jackets, they have everything with the same team name, same place, and same name written in teensy tinsy letters where no one can tell. Coach thinks you’re someone else from the back end? Not for long! Put your hair in the funkiest style ever. If you have to wear your hair up, tie a ribbon around your pony or bun or add some sparkly hair clips! Unless someone else has the same style, you’re good to go! As for clothes, you’re probably usually wearing your jersey, jacket and training shorts – for extra uniqueness, embroider the bottom of your shorts or pants in the weirdest way ever. Be yourself!

2. A dancerina? Hmmm. In practice, you’re probably wearing either normal clothes, or a leotard. Ugh. But either way, as long as you’re wearing either of those things, most of the time, you can totally change it up a bit! Ballerina? Find legwarmers and slide them on your legs. Polka dots, stripes, whatever you like! Make sure they go over your heel for an exquisite look! (don’t have any? Find some leggings and cut the legs off. You’ll get legwarmers, and funky shorts in only one snip!) Funky snoodes and hair nets, sparkly barrettes and hair accessories, go crazy with your hair! Jazzie? With your FootUndeez and jazz shoes, you’ll most likely be wearing shorts and a tank top. Boooriiing! Wear a glittery cami or tank top and neon shorts. That’ll make you more noticeable for sure! Leotard? Have fun and wear scarves, skirts or shorts over your leotard. Also note the hairstyles! Hip Hopper? Wear glitter. Glitter, rhinestones, and the coolest sneakers you can find. Be unique and sparkly at the same time!

3- Artsetta? Look artsy in artistic clothes, like floral leggings and crop tops, with hair tied back uniquely! Flow-y tops will make you and everyone look excotic and unique. Especially if they have a cool picture! So, you’re an artsetta? Go wild with your insane fashion senses that we all know everyone has, even if it’s hidden!

Moral of this story? Be wild, and just be yourself in class. With these tips, you’ll never be mistaken again! (Unless, of course, someone copies you and all your glory -_-) Hope you enjoyed them!


Weird in London!

Hey-o, weird readers!

While checking up on the recent events at the games I’ve noticed several teams of athletes spoofing up a few modern tunes.

Check out these hilarious videos featuring the USA swim team dancin’ along to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe

Canadians Women basketball team doing a parody of awesome rapping revised lyrics of Justin Beiber’s ‘Boyfriend’

And last but not least USA Women soccer team having a Party In The USA dance party-in the hotel and field of London!?

Tell me what you think of these crazy improv dances at the Feedback Page.

Till Later, Tiffy

1.US Swim Team

2. CAN Women’s Basketball Team

3. US Women’s Soccer Team

Weird Style

Hey stylies!

Want to be stylish in your own unique way? Want to be weird and different from everyone else? Here are some awesome tips on how you can be weird, while looking awesome!

Tip #1. If you’re a boy, and you check this website, don’t sweat this but you shouldn’t be reading this girl post. There aren’t any bad things or anything in it, just girl tips. And you wouldn’t want to be walking around, looking like a girl, would you? Anyways, for the first tip, you should always change it up. Whether it’s from a new hairstyle for every day of the week, or a pair of neons, you are free to look how you want. But if you wear the same things every single day, people might get bored of your looks – don’t worry, they’ll still be your friends! You should have a different style everyday. Say maybe neon on monday, goth on tuesday, punk rock on wednesday, flow-y on thursday, etc! People will never get bored of admiring you and your weirdness!

Tip #2: I know most of us aren’t professional hair stylists, but we can do our hair anyways! Whether it’s a messy bun or a sleek high pony, you can always change your hair. Here are some styles I think you should try depending on hair colour and shade: If you have dark, shiny and sleek hair, Just keep it simple and wear it up in a sleek pony, or wave it, straighten it, and french braid it! I know, most of us can’t do things like this on ourselves. But we can do things like side rope braid ponies! (instructions in oncoming post) If you have long medium – light brown hair, you should either put it half-up, give it the renaissance look with two small braids from your bangs pinned back, or just straighten or wave it. Blonde? Blondes look awesome. You have to admit it. Who doesn’t want soft, blonde waves at least one time in our lives? But blondes should stick with sunny, happy looks like side braids, french braids, or up in ponies or bunnies. (buns)

Tip #3: Anyone can look awesome. Everyone already does look awesome! No one needs makeup hiding their beautiful faces, do they? If you’re bold and daring, go for sharp, bright neon colours and high ponies and bunnies and braids. You’ll stand out, be unique, and weird in your own way. If you’re shy, go for slow, flow-y light colours and hair in side braids, bunnies or ponies. Anyone can look good and weird in anything. Just take a chance and go for the weird look! From floral jeggings to neon camisole dresses together, try weird combinations and make you unique. AND, let’s not forget, weird.

Newsflash! Check out the styles going around at the London 2012 Games. Swimmers have been showing the colours of their country by painting super-cool designs on their nails. British 400m swimmer Rebecca Atlington won bronze, clutching her medal with Union-Jack emblazoned fingers. Gymnasts have been using their own creativity too, using sparkling scrunchies to show their style other than the team uniforms. Anybody can use accessories to liven up their own styles even with a restricted wardrobe. Scarves are awesome because you can use them a million ways, hats, pins, jewelry and can be worn over and over with different outfits so you don’t need 100+ earrings so wear a bunch!


The moral of this post is that every one should never be afraid to change it up a bit and stand out. Everyone is beautiful, never forget that – everyone is. Really. Be stylish and weird, stylies!


Competitive Gymnastics

Hey sporties!

Here’s another post on Weird Sports – about Olympic and non-olympic Gymnastics! Particapated in by both male and female, this sport includes flexibility, strength, and ability. However, some things about this seemingly perfect sport are… Well, let’s just say ‘different’. Here are some weird facts about this olympic sport!

1. Gymnasts are almost always the smallest people you see. The smallest gymnast known in the world is Choe Myong-Hui from North Korea. Myong-Hui first competed in the 1980 olympic games in Moscow at the height of 4 feet 5 inches and the weight of 55 pounds. A few years later in the year 1992 at the Barcelona Games, Myong-hui, then 4 feet 5 inches and 79 pounds, captured a silver medal!

2. Some really weird things happened in gymnastics competitions as well. For an example, in 1972 or so the so-called ‘poised and cool’ Ludmila Turischeva was beginning her bar routine and the uneven bars collapsed in a heap behind her. Surprised but unbothered, Turischeva saluted the judges as nothing had happened at all! Or like when Kathy Johnson at the 1995 world championships kept admiring someones’ confidennce, just when those people faltered, or when she admired the gymnasts’ form, that specific gymnast would fall!

3. Once the Chinese team in a championship decided to practice some of their gymnastics tricks on the podium while waiting for a turn on the beam and got a penalty, causing them to lose their well-deserved medal!

4. Some weird tricks are called: Popa, The Humphry, The Piked Jager, Barani, or Podkopayeva- what a long name!

See, I bet some things about gymnastics are weirder then you think! Who knows? It could get wackier and weirder in the years to come, and more horrible accidents might happen… Ah, the weirdness of it all. Remember, not all sports are always done right or completed successfully!

Once again, if you have any requests for sports to learn the weird sides of them, let us know on the Feedback/Contact page!

Hope you enjoyed this post!