Hello world!

Howdy, partners! 🙂

This website is brought to you in part by www.rainbootsforever.wikispaces.com, the awesomest site on EARTH! So, why do I have two websites? Well, this one is so people can literally comment on stuff, and… Oh, whatever. I’ll just make a list of why I made this one as well:

1. First of all, this website is focused on weird and interesting stuff. The other one is focused on my life, and the things we all like.

2. The name is different. (well, duh! To fit the subject of weirdness!)

3. They can help each other, and one is on wordpress, one on wikispaces. Bookmark both!

–When you check Rain Boots, check Live Life Weird too! Anyway, stay tuned for some more weirdly interesting facts about weird things! Eventually, you’ll be living life weird as well, just like me!

Keep living life weird,


P.S. Friends will be helping with this website too, so it’s not just mine. Like me, Tiffy!!!!!!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. WONDERFUL! Pitch perfect!! I love it!! Will check this out all the time!! Keep posting,

    Ray, administrator of Myvizion (fellow awesome wordpress).

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