BREAKING WEIRD NEWS: Interesting Animal Species

Weird Readers,

Check out the dracula fish, a new species of fish found in Burma in 2009. It’s not HUGE, but it’s very unique – and weird. Which is what livelifeweirdforever is totally for! This bizarre fish measures only seventeen milimetres long and is weirdly transparent. It has vampire like fangs and huge, rock eyes. Males use their fangs to attract females and to fight with other fish over who-knows-what. It’s part of the Cypriniformes family, and the scientists think that it’s really a surprise that the Danionella dracula has vampire fangs, since the Cypriniformes family had lost their teeth over fifty million years ago. How excactly did the danionella dracula keep its teeth while everyone else was losing theirs? It didn’t. It evolved something new. The dracula fishes’ teeth are actually bones spiked and poked out of skin with pointy tips. Ew, totally weird! Here’s a totally weird picture:



One thought on “BREAKING WEIRD NEWS: Interesting Animal Species

  1. Okay, even I, the poster has to admit that’s totally gross and weird. He looks like this sculpture made from a rock and by a bad sculpter trying to sculpt a person… Ugh. Awkward! 🙂

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