BE WEIRD CAMP: How to be weird at camp

This coming weekend, I’m going camping with my awesome Girl Guide unit at Opemikon, a Perth-based scout camp that Girl Guides can go to also. It’s an awesome camp, with a mess hall that holds lots of memories. Knowing me, I’m already fully packed, for exception for the things I’m going to wear there like my sneakers. Do you lose things a lot like me? Make your things really noticibly weird and bizarre – you’ll get your supplies back in no time! First of all, if don’t already have a tag on your bags, stick a super you-designed one on – this will show that you’re uber-creative, and at least half organized. It will also show your extreme uniqueness. You should get lots of supplies in super funky colours so if you lose them, people will just KNOW that they’re yours. Yeah, yeah, I may not do that – but my sleeping bags’ bag (jeez, that sounds weird) has a picture that I drew that’s uber-good/weird! Everything should have labels – possibly funky ones. Be weird, campers!


One thought on “BE WEIRD CAMP: How to be weird at camp

  1. Omigosh! Am so excited! It’s still only wednesday, but I keep telling myself that tomorrow is thursday, the day after that is friday, and that’s when it starts! Friday night! Please let everything else go quickly EXCEPT FOR CAMP! đŸ™‚ (Please comment, guys. Tell all your friends about this website, and give me suggestions/comments for here or Rain Boots)

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