Weird Things to do!

Everyday, I try to do something weird. (Like the Lulu bag says, ‘Do one thing a day that scares you.’  I tried that and practically had a daily heart attack XD). Here’s a list of tried and true things to do that are WEIRD!

1. As mentioned in the poll, try running into the most crowded spot of your school (in recess) and yell ‘ I AM NORMAL ! ‘. Odds are at least 3 people will tell you that you are the exact opposite, that you are extremely abnormal. Shrug it off and be proud.

2.  Try speaking differently. Use accents, lisps or bad grammar. It’s sure to make people laugh, since everyone knows that’s not your regular speech.

3. Have fun in random things .  Get your friends together and just play. Dance around to songs, spin endlessly until everyone gets dizzy, hop on one foot and do stuff. Spend some time with your friends and everything is fun.

Will add more, so keep on checking.

~WeirdExpert TY (=*.*=)


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