Summer Weirdness

Summer. So what exactly happens during summer? Think about it. Really think about it. You’re free from school. You’re also separated from your friends. Which is HORRIBLE, since you can’t show how weirdly unique you really are until next school year. Eh, and that’s not for two whole months, so let’s not talk about it. Parents don’t really appreciate weirdness, so you can’t really brag about all your weird swag… (heh) What can you do? (say in a funny Indian accent) Here are some weirdly awesome tips on how you can keep your weird on all through the summer. Other than checking this weird website, in which in every sentence in my posts I use weird. (no sense at all, right?) Anyways, let’s just get to the tips:

Tip #1: Going to some awesome summer camps this summer? Even though chances are you’re going with complete strangers, that can’t stop you from showing your weird! Show how awesome you are in an awesome – weird way. Your camp just can’t be sitting around: whatever you signed yourself up for, chances are you’re a newbie, or you’re actually extremely talented at whatever it’s about. Show it! For example, if you’re in a dance camp, (I will never do this. I’m very shy) break out randomly into a solo flash mob dance, so everyone can think of you as bright, bold, and beautiful!

Tip #2:  Not going to a camp? That’s totally fine! You’ll still have mega fun during the summer! If you’re alone this summer, don’t worry a single bit. We’ve got you covered! Bored at home? Sitting around doing nothing? Itching to do something? Well, duh! Get moving! I dare you to either play hopscoth, skip rope, hula hoop or something like that in your front yard or driveway. When the cars drive by, wave! It’s really funny if you’re wearing a silly costume as well. I dare you, and dares go first! Always.

Tip #3: When I think summer, I think swimming. It’s hot, ya wanna get cooled off and chilled! Swimming’s your solution! Unless you’re afraid of water, get out and about and go to your nearest public pool, a close friends’ or even your own if you have one. Jump from the edge of the diving board or pool edge and do a funny pose and then yell a funny word when you’re going down!

This summer, keep your weird on!



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