Don’t Be Bored!

Having a summer with nothing to do? Weird Experts to the rescue! Get up and do something no matter how small!

First, Don’t be lazy! Wake up and get dressed for the day. Make a list of things to do. It’s summer, the small period of 2 months where we don’t have to do school stuff! Live it up and do stuff you can only do in the summer:

〮Go somewhere, like it says in the other post it can be lots of fun, especially with friends. Swimming, Camping, or just going shopping down Ottawa, take advantage of any free time you have and explore stuff around you.

〮Reunite, Don’t mope and miss anyone from school, email them and get together so you can still show off your weirdness to the people who appreciate it the most, your besties!

〮Learn, School may be over but don’t stop learning. Do new and awesome things, Learn a sport, learn a language, learn an art. Doing new things will make you unique and you could learn some pretty cool weird facts.

Vacation is free time, time to do anything you want time, FUN TIME!




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