Weird you rather…

Yellow, weird readers!
Do you feel like someone is staring at you? Guess what? They totally are! Like our new theme, smiley-mania as I like to call it? Ha ha. Anyways, picture a man on a bull. Now picture a smiley face. Repeat. Did I get your attention? I sure hope so! Welcome to….


Weird you rather have a mohawk or a neon pink afro?

Weird you rather have a bed bug in your shirt or squirrels in your pants?

Weird you rather have 200 platipi live in your house or ice cubs flooding your house?

Weird you rather eat ten fried scorpians or 15 fried worms?

Weird you rather disect a human foot or a human heart?



4 thoughts on “Weird you rather…

  1. 1. afro (neon pink is CUTE)
    2. Squirrels (you know they actually EAT squirrels here?)
    3. Platipi! (I’d name them Perry, Priscilla, Penolope, ETC!)
    4. Scorpians (If they’re fried, they can’t hurt you, can they?)
    5. Foot (OMG Wierdexpert101 you’d rather do the heart? disgusting!)

    • Same as Ray but NO WAy would I put squirrels in my pants, Do you think I could do high jump with 1/2 o dozen squirrels in my shorts! Also ice cubes flooding the house would probably cause corrosion in my basement, not good.
      PS Awesome post smores

  2. Thanks! BTW, Rae, would you rather disect a dead foot? You’re saying that you’d rather see all the broken off bones and blood cells? Ew! I’ve done a sheep heart and it was really cool! 😉

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