Figure Skating

Like I said in the previous post this post is about weird in sports, and the first sport is…*drumroll*…Figure Skating!

As most of you know figure skating is my fav sport so here’s all the weird facts

1. Competitive figure skaters will spend an average of 650 hrs a year practicing and only 42 mins a year competing!                            Compare this to a soccer player who practices about 200 hrs a year and 40 hrs competing.

2.Here are some really strange names of skating jumps and spins.                                                                                                                        -Flying Camel




-Broken Leg and more!

Of course some of the weirder ones are spins that are similar to say a pancake. And the jumps are simply names of their creators such as; Ulrich Salchow, Axel Paulson and others.

3. Figure skating didn’t start with astounding jumps or spine-breaking spins, it started with gliding and just skating, and the figures were shapes drawn on the ice with the blade’s edge and the better skater creating more complex ones due to muscles strong enough to maintain speed and edge to do it. Then a man (named Ulrich Salchow) screwed blades on his boots for more stability and accomplished the sit spin, and later the salchow. Slowly, other jumps were developed, and better skates were developed and thus began the doubles and triples and quads, and the laybacks and camels. And now skaters all over the world are creating higher goals to achieve. World records have been set, and a female skater has a triple axel, Who knows when another feat will be accomplished, a quadruple axel, or perhaps a whole new jump? Well, one thing’s for sure, it is gonna get weirder.


And next is the pic of skaters at there weirdest I promised.


3 thoughts on “Figure Skating

  1. Whoa. Figure skating sounds awesome, but I’m a speed skater (it’s all about the speed, obviously. You don’t actually have to be graceful). Wish I could return to speed skating, but sadly, they obviously don’t have rinks, as I live in Africa -.-

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