Weird Style

Hey stylies!

Want to be stylish in your own unique way? Want to be weird and different from everyone else? Here are some awesome tips on how you can be weird, while looking awesome!

Tip #1. If you’re a boy, and you check this website, don’t sweat this but you shouldn’t be reading this girl post. There aren’t any bad things or anything in it, just girl tips. And you wouldn’t want to be walking around, looking like a girl, would you? Anyways, for the first tip, you should always change it up. Whether it’s from a new hairstyle for every day of the week, or a pair of neons, you are free to look how you want. But if you wear the same things every single day, people might get bored of your looks – don’t worry, they’ll still be your friends! You should have a different style everyday. Say maybe neon on monday, goth on tuesday, punk rock on wednesday, flow-y on thursday, etc! People will never get bored of admiring you and your weirdness!

Tip #2: I know most of us aren’t professional hair stylists, but we can do our hair anyways! Whether it’s a messy bun or a sleek high pony, you can always change your hair. Here are some styles I think you should try depending on hair colour and shade: If you have dark, shiny and sleek hair, Just keep it simple and wear it up in a sleek pony, or wave it, straighten it, and french braid it! I know, most of us can’t do things like this on ourselves. But we can do things like side rope braid ponies! (instructions in oncoming post) If you have long medium – light brown hair, you should either put it half-up, give it the renaissance look with two small braids from your bangs pinned back, or just straighten or wave it. Blonde? Blondes look awesome. You have to admit it. Who doesn’t want soft, blonde waves at least one time in our lives? But blondes should stick with sunny, happy looks like side braids, french braids, or up in ponies or bunnies. (buns)

Tip #3: Anyone can look awesome. Everyone already does look awesome! No one needs makeup hiding their beautiful faces, do they? If you’re bold and daring, go for sharp, bright neon colours and high ponies and bunnies and braids. You’ll stand out, be unique, and weird in your own way. If you’re shy, go for slow, flow-y light colours and hair in side braids, bunnies or ponies. Anyone can look good and weird in anything. Just take a chance and go for the weird look! From floral jeggings to neon camisole dresses together, try weird combinations and make you unique. AND, let’s not forget, weird.

Newsflash! Check out the styles going around at the London 2012 Games. Swimmers have been showing the colours of their country by painting super-cool designs on their nails. British 400m swimmer Rebecca Atlington won bronze, clutching her medal with Union-Jack emblazoned fingers. Gymnasts have been using their own creativity too, using sparkling scrunchies to show their style other than the team uniforms. Anybody can use accessories to liven up their own styles even with a restricted wardrobe. Scarves are awesome because you can use them a million ways, hats, pins, jewelry and can be worn over and over with different outfits so you don’t need 100+ earrings so wear a bunch!


The moral of this post is that every one should never be afraid to change it up a bit and stand out. Everyone is beautiful, never forget that – everyone is. Really. Be stylish and weird, stylies!



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