Weirdly Mistaken in Class – GIRLS ONLY!!!!!

Hi classies!

Ever feel like nobody notices you in your class or camp? Does your soccer coach mistake you for his daughter? Do you want to be noticed? Think about those three important questions. Whether you go to dance, basketball, or gymnastics, this post will explain how to be noticed and unique during a weekly class.

1. Are you a sportie? Sporties usually have jersies, team jackets, they have everything with the same team name, same place, and same name written in teensy tinsy letters where no one can tell. Coach thinks you’re someone else from the back end? Not for long! Put your hair in the funkiest style ever. If you have to wear your hair up, tie a ribbon around your pony or bun or add some sparkly hair clips! Unless someone else has the same style, you’re good to go! As for clothes, you’re probably usually wearing your jersey, jacket and training shorts – for extra uniqueness, embroider the bottom of your shorts or pants in the weirdest way ever. Be yourself!

2. A dancerina? Hmmm. In practice, you’re probably wearing either normal clothes, or a leotard. Ugh. But either way, as long as you’re wearing either of those things, most of the time, you can totally change it up a bit! Ballerina? Find legwarmers and slide them on your legs. Polka dots, stripes, whatever you like! Make sure they go over your heel for an exquisite look! (don’t have any? Find some leggings and cut the legs off. You’ll get legwarmers, and funky shorts in only one snip!) Funky snoodes and hair nets, sparkly barrettes and hair accessories, go crazy with your hair! Jazzie? With your FootUndeez and jazz shoes, you’ll most likely be wearing shorts and a tank top. Boooriiing! Wear a glittery cami or tank top and neon shorts. That’ll make you more noticeable for sure! Leotard? Have fun and wear scarves, skirts or shorts over your leotard. Also note the hairstyles! Hip Hopper? Wear glitter. Glitter, rhinestones, and the coolest sneakers you can find. Be unique and sparkly at the same time!

3- Artsetta? Look artsy in artistic clothes, like floral leggings and crop tops, with hair tied back uniquely! Flow-y tops will make you and everyone look excotic and unique. Especially if they have a cool picture! So, you’re an artsetta? Go wild with your insane fashion senses that we all know everyone has, even if it’s hidden!

Moral of this story? Be wild, and just be yourself in class. With these tips, you’ll never be mistaken again! (Unless, of course, someone copies you and all your glory -_-) Hope you enjoyed them!



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