Hello, Weird World: Publicity and ~ yawn ~ Boredom

Hey weirdoes and weirdettes of this very weird world!
At the moment we barely have any viewers. We want to make this website popular with all our friends and family members. So tell all your friends about this website. We need publicity – so we can say; “Hello, Weird World!” with our new website.

Anyways, when I’m just sitting bored at my computer, and I’m so, so bored, I can’t resist posting on LLW. There’s been a post from pretty much everyday – unlike some websites, who only post once a month. I used to have another website, but I had to delete it because you had to pay for that specific website-making-websites. Now, I want to make this one the biggest and best website with the help of TaffyTiffy and all our friends and family members.

I’m dead bored right now ~~ I’m going swimming at a family friends’ pool soon and I’m totally psyched. It’s a saltwater pool. Did you know that salt water cleans stains, and heals various boo-boos? I didn’t… Until now, actually. So I’m all changed, swimshirt, swimsuit and shorts, waiting for my dear mother to announce: “Are you ready, S?” When the time comes. All morning I’ve been reading. From 6am to 11am, I’d been reading the book; “The Vanishing Game.” It’s addicting. Every chapter leaves me hanging off a cliff. Cliff-hanger. My friend had been saying the word a whole lot lately – I’m not even sure if it’s even an official word. Weird, weird, words… How weird can they be? Anyways, this post has no subject whatsoever. I’m just playing around on the computer, on our good website here. But I’m trying (and struggling) to make this as weird as I can – because not many people enjoy reading about peoples’ lives. So let’s sum this boooring post up with some weird facts:

– Everyday at leat 20 banks are robbed. $2,500 on average taken.

– Out of 230, at least 1 car was stolen last year.

– A violin contains 70 different pieces of wood!

– Forest fires move faster going uphill compared to going downhill.

– Most lipstick contains fish scales!


Sources: www.strangefacts.com/facts1.html                                                                              


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