Me myself and I: My trip to the agriculture museum

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago I went to the ice cream festival with my mom at the agriculture museum. I had two different kinds of ice cream: custard, (egg ice cream) and goat milk ice cream. Both were surprisingly good, although the weird thing is that the whole time we were there, I never had any normal ice cream! 

One of the places we went was the dairy cow barn. (sorry, Sarah) My mom came up with this great idea to find cows that had the same names as my friends or various celebrities. I took pictures of the cows. I can’t find the wire that connects the camera to the computer – but that doesn’t stop me from telling you all about the people I found! I found Pippa Middleton, Bella from Twilight, Twilight, my friend Catherine, and Hermione Granger! Of course I find this down right hilarious and I’m still laughing my head off in all my evilness… Because I’m weird like that. but these cows are what these people are named after!!! *sarcasm* Mwahahaaaa!!!

The agriculture museum is awesome. You should totally check it out! And if for you’re in Guides, you can earn the farming badge! 




5 thoughts on “Me myself and I: My trip to the agriculture museum

  1. Nvm. Um, this will be my last year of guides and I think I’m quitting so I can do more stuff, like possibly volleyball or something sporty. This year I’m a third year so it’s gonna be complicated.

  2. Hello… are you from NaNo? I saw your picture. I don’t know how you found my blog, but I’m NaNo as well, my username is Tarina (well, it’s my real name as well.) Just wondering. And it was funny about those cows!!! hehe 😉

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