Figure Skating

Like I said in the previous post this post is about weird in sports, and the first sport is…*drumroll*…Figure Skating!

As most of you know figure skating is my fav sport so here’s all the weird facts

1. Competitive figure skaters will spend an average of 650 hrs a year practicing and only 42 mins a year competing!                            Compare this to a soccer player who practices about 200 hrs a year and 40 hrs competing.

2.Here are some really strange names of skating jumps and spins.                                                                                                                        -Flying Camel




-Broken Leg and more!

Of course some of the weirder ones are spins that are similar to say a pancake. And the jumps are simply names of their creators such as; Ulrich Salchow, Axel Paulson and others.

3. Figure skating didn’t start with astounding jumps or spine-breaking spins, it started with gliding and just skating, and the figures were shapes drawn on the ice with the blade’s edge and the better skater creating more complex ones due to muscles strong enough to maintain speed and edge to do it. Then a man (named Ulrich Salchow) screwed blades on his boots for more stability and accomplished the sit spin, and later the salchow. Slowly, other jumps were developed, and better skates were developed and thus began the doubles and triples and quads, and the laybacks and camels. And now skaters all over the world are creating higher goals to achieve. World records have been set, and a female skater has a triple axel, Who knows when another feat will be accomplished, a quadruple axel, or perhaps a whole new jump? Well, one thing’s for sure, it is gonna get weirder.


And next is the pic of skaters at there weirdest I promised.


Weird Sports

Hey Weirdos!( No offense intended)

I’m starting a new collection of posts about all sorts of different sports and their own individual weirdness.

So be expecting a tonof new weird pics, Coming Soon…

PS. The future shown pics are pictures of each sport at their weirdest so don’t interpret that as the sport itself.

Dance Weird

Are you a dancer? Are you a dancer, but a bad one? Are you a wanna be dancer? Everyone can be dancers. Even the so-called ‘bad’ ones! Everyone has their own unique way to dance. They’re one way that’s weird in a great way! Here are some tips for whether you’re a crazed hip hop dancer, flexible and dainty ballet dancer, jazzy lyrical or jazz dancer, or even if you just like doing yoga! 🙂


I’m sure you all don’t want to be show offs, do you? You don’t want to be mean to your friends. How excactly can you show off your best moves without showing off? There is no way. But say you’re at a camp, and you’re away from all the group, mentally listening to your favourite song. Let’s pretend that you like to choreograph your own dances. If you really despise choreographing, do the moves to a dance from another class or camp or friend that you know. Hum the song and do your most skill-ful moves. Eventually, if people around you decide you’re good, you’ll get a pat on the back and a show off in secret gold medal! If you really want a bigger challenge, do the moves with too much energy so it’s really funny. If you’re shy, like me, this isn’t your thing, but if your bold? Oh yeah baby! Embarass yourself so people will laugh! And what’s better then making people laugh?


There may not be much room for freestyle but try changing around some stuff and give it your own jazzy spin. Change the tempo by speeding it up, I bet that’s sure to weird it up, move your legs and try doing pirouettes with your leg in the air, beside your head or behind your foot. Add non-traditional steps and move around, and try a few traditional variations, those usually have a lot of spinning and jumping rather than walking around on your tippy toes.


Yes, lyrical and jazz are two seperate things – but they both have their own jazztastic twists! In both of these types of dances, if you’re taking a camp or class, you should totally put lots of emotion and energy into the dance. If your teacher or counseller tells you to tone it down? Do so, but keep putting energy and emotion into your moves! Flexibility is also important-  can’t do the splitz? Check out the link below after you read this. Give your jazz some pizazz! Give your jazz some pizazz! Give… Your… Jazz… Some PIZAZZ! Energy and emotion and flexibility is on many wanted posters near LYRICVILLE and JAZZTOWN, so make sure to give the police a call if you see some!


Of course, these may be different styles again, but closely related. They both involve plenty of ground work and 360 degree upper body movement often set to many moving songs causing for possible tear-inducing performances, How Dramatic! Wanna try ? Modern dance is simple, get low and earthy. thankfully, you don’t need much, you can dance this genre barefoot in your basement and barefoot is common in most dancers. Just move your whole body; high, medium and low. Main is to be dramatic, up and down, left to right. Opposition stretches one part of your body and lengthens your movements, suspension, contraction . And my favorite part ? If you love dance like us at LLW you might know that this dance could cause some bruises. Dances often involve jumping and falling to the ground, rolling around like a pig in the mud and even jumping parallel  to the floor ! Don’t worry though, it’s sure to be a work of art,

Weird you rather…

Yellow, weird readers!
Do you feel like someone is staring at you? Guess what? They totally are! Like our new theme, smiley-mania as I like to call it? Ha ha. Anyways, picture a man on a bull. Now picture a smiley face. Repeat. Did I get your attention? I sure hope so! Welcome to….


Weird you rather have a mohawk or a neon pink afro?

Weird you rather have a bed bug in your shirt or squirrels in your pants?

Weird you rather have 200 platipi live in your house or ice cubs flooding your house?

Weird you rather eat ten fried scorpians or 15 fried worms?

Weird you rather disect a human foot or a human heart?


Don’t Be Bored!

Having a summer with nothing to do? Weird Experts to the rescue! Get up and do something no matter how small!

First, Don’t be lazy! Wake up and get dressed for the day. Make a list of things to do. It’s summer, the small period of 2 months where we don’t have to do school stuff! Live it up and do stuff you can only do in the summer:

〮Go somewhere, like it says in the other post it can be lots of fun, especially with friends. Swimming, Camping, or just going shopping down Ottawa, take advantage of any free time you have and explore stuff around you.

〮Reunite, Don’t mope and miss anyone from school, email them and get together so you can still show off your weirdness to the people who appreciate it the most, your besties!

〮Learn, School may be over but don’t stop learning. Do new and awesome things, Learn a sport, learn a language, learn an art. Doing new things will make you unique and you could learn some pretty cool weird facts.

Vacation is free time, time to do anything you want time, FUN TIME!